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Grocery Story is for Everyone Who Eats

Grocery Story: The Promise of Food Co-ops in the Age of the Grocery Giants pulls together the relevance of our co-ops in a way that we struggle to do. Jon Steinman reflects who we are, distills the confusion of the business model and defines it in a teachable way. The book gives us all a shared voice while showcasing our autonomy in our unique communities. You can meet the author Sunday, September 15th in the store 11am - 1pm and attend an author talk at the Co-op Annex, 2110 Lawrence St. at 4pm.

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Beans for Bags-Jefferson County Farmers Market

Each month, the Food Co-op will highlight one of the many non-profit groups we support with our Beans for Bags program. Thanks to all our members for their nominations and continued re-use of their shopping bags. Funds generated help support people doing great work in our community.

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