Beans for Bags


We reward people for their sustainability efforts by giving 5 cents back for each reusable bag used. You can then either keep the bag credit, OR get at bean.   Get a bean, you ask?  If you choose a bean (= $.05), you can choose where that money goes by dropping that bean into a jar, which represents 1 of 3 non-profits in the Jefferson County Community.   Non-profits are nominated by member/owners and chosen by a committee.  Two jars are rotated out bi-monthly, the third jar represents the Jefferson County Food Bank, which is supported year round.

Beans for Bags Non-Profits Selections for 2018


  1. Jefferson County Food Bank

  2. Discovery Bay Bird Rescue

  3. Friends of Port Townsend Library


  1. Jefferson County Food Bank

  2. Recyclery

  3. Equestrian Park


  1. Jefferson County Food Bank

  2. Key City Theater

  3. Chimacum Middle School Outdoor Education


  1. Jefferson County Food Bank ($900.80)

  2. Visit History Club (368.30)

  3. Marine Science Center ($631.75)


  1. Jefferson County Food Bank ($842.75)

  2. PT School Local Lunch Program ($658.00)

  3. JC Mash ($551.60)


  1. Jefferson County Food Bank ($860.45)

  2. Port Townsend ArtScape ($426.55)

  3. NW Salmon Coalition ($639.05)

Beans for Bags Process

October/Novermeber 2018: Beans for Bags nominations open for 2019.  Nomination forms will be available at the member services desk. Forms due by Nov. 30th for consideration.
Early December 2018: Board Committee C³ (Cooperative Connections Committee) will meet to vote on the 2019 recipients. 
Late December 2018: 2019 recipients announced

Nominate Your Favorite Non-Profit

Nomination Form will be available October 1st-November 30th for the following year.

Name *
Must be a Non-Profit, Community Group or Cooperative operating in Jefferson County.
Does this organization fit into one of our 3 preferred categories for community giving? *
We give priority to organizations that do work in the above sectors, however, all nominations are considered.