Board Meetings


We invite our member-owners to attend our board meetings, which are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm. We usually begin with what we call our “Study and Engagement” section, where we learn about and/or discuss some topic important to our cooperative or cooperatives in general, usually for about an hour.  After a break for a simple meal, we begin the second half of the meeting with ten minutes for member-owner comments on anything not on the meeting agenda. Then we conduct board business, such as discussing policies or the general manager’s reports.

Occasionally, the board also schedules a third Tuesday board meeting, if more time is needed for a topic. No votes occur at these meetings, so any proposals suggested at a third Tuesday meeting will go on the agenda of the next regular board meeting.

Upcoming Board Meetings

Click here to view our calendar and upcoming board meetings.

Meeting packets are available one week prior to the regular board meeting, below the member-owner bulletin board at the front of the store (the one with photos of the board). Members can also request an electronic copy of the packet from the Board Assistant, The Board Assistant can also provide electronic copies of past meeting minutes and agendas upon request.