How To Weave A Pie Top

by Mindy Dwyer

As a kid, Betty Crocker ruled our kitchen. When I moved out of the house and went to college, I survived on refried beans and popcorn. It wasn’t until I got married that I realized just how much I didn’t know how to cook. My mom gave me the Betty Crocker International and I thought I was on my way. Then, I inherited my mother-in-law’s Joy of Cooking! A fourth of the pages were water soaked and crinkly but I adored this book and it has inspired my drawings today.

Along the way I fell in love with Laurel’s Kitchen, especially her chapter on The Keeper of the Keys, and when my kids were born, I wore out a paper back cook book called Feed Me. Molly Katzen with all of her hand drawn recipes have stayed with me, too. Old favorite cookbooks collect on our shelves as reminders of where we’ve been along the way. If you have a favorite cookbook please share in a comment.

Since working at the Food Co-op, my skills have improved tremendously as my daughter reminded me, “Geez Mom, if you cooked like this when I was growing up, I’d know how to cook!” I’ve learned a little Pie Wisdom (see COMMONS Fall issue) and here is my how-to make pie edges and tops in time for the holiday pie season.


Pie top-2.jpg