Sidonie Maroon

Community chef, recipe developer, and educator Sidonie Maroon teaches international foodways classes for the Port Townsend Food Coop. Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Sidonie shares her creativity and cooking expertise with everyone she meets. Never aspiring to be a restaurant chef, she instead flourishes in her kitchen laboratory where she cooks, blogs, and develops original recipes.

A professional teacher, Sidonie has taught adults and youth in Jefferson county for 25 years. Twelve years ago, she founded F.E.A.S.T. (foodways education at a sustainable table) as the business platform for her cooking classes, culinary mentoring and Folk Art and Food Camps. The depth and breadth of her knowledge, coupled with her unpretentious approach make her popular teacher.     

At the heart of her cooking practice is a dedication to start from scratch and build technique from traditional world food wisdoms. She was artisan long before it was popular: gardening, foraging, working on organic farms, living off-grid, preserving, fermenting and baking from scratch. You can find her recipes, classes, column and blog posts on the Food Coop’s website or her personal blog