Board of Directors

The Food Co-op's Board of Directors writes the policies and crafts the long-range strategies that help us fulfill our Mission and Principles. We write policies to set out the direction and parameters, working with the general manager, who implements these strategies and policies in the day-to-day operations of the store. The board does not direct day-to-day operations—that is, we do not make decisions about what we stock, the specifics of personnel issues, or the layout of the store. Rather, we set the policies and, through monitoring reports, check to make sure the policies are followed.

Member-owners are welcome to attend our monthly meetings, on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm at the Co-op Annex at 2110 Lawrence Street. You can also join a committee or run for the board. We’d also love to see you at our Annual Member Meeting and the other periodic events the board puts on. Check the Member-Owner Board at the front of the store (the one with the photos of the board) to learn what is coming up. See you soon!

Contact the Board

Owners can contact the board by placing a note in the board’s correspondence box below the Member-Owner bulletin board (the one with the photos of the board) or by sending an email to

Meet the Board


Owen Rowe, President

First elected in 2016, this three-year term expires in 2019
I first visited Port Townsend in 1994 and moved here three years later; PT offered relief from city traffic and prices with an urban level of culture. I soon left my software career and have since tried my hand at teaching Italian, arts administration, and literary translation. I’ve studied everything from systems design and cognitive science to comparative literature and crossword puzzles, and my current roles in community organizations bring together a surprising number of those threads. I’ve been involved with local cultural institutions for many years, and I’m honored to serve on the board of the Food Co-op. It’s a cultural institution, too, both in the way it champions our local collaborative spirit and in the access it provides to local cuisine and agriculture.


Juri Jennings, Vice President

First elected in 2017; re-elected in 2018, this three-year term expires in 2021
I have been exposed to both American and Japanese cultures since childhood, having lived in both countries back and forth over time. Through this upbringing, I have experienced the difficulties and joys of learning two distinctly different languages and cultures. This journey has taught me that the future belongs to tight communities. I would like to dedicate my time on the Co-op board to taking part in and extending the positive vibes throughout our incredible community. In my free time, I like to sing, practice karate, hike, and tend to the garden.


Lisa Barclay, Secretary

First elected in 2013; re-elected twice; this three-year term expires in 2020

I grew up in Redmond when it was a one-stoplight town known for its bike derby instead of for Microsoft. Much later, after living for ten years in Virginia, where you park at the top of the Shenandoah Mountains and walk down, John and I moved back home to our much wilder Olympics and Cascades. We love hiking, food, music, and nice people, so Port Townsend is the perfect town for us. I joined the Co-op board because I treasured our extraordinary store, and I’ve stayed on because I’ve come to appreciate the importance of cooperatives in our flawed economic system and because I think a strong community is essential.


Monica le Roux, Treasurer

First elected in 2013; re-elected once, this three-year term expires in 2019
I was born in Missoula, Mont., and I’ve lived in and enjoyed both rural and urban settings from Orcas Island and Port Townsend, to Seattle, New York City, and Washington, D.C. I’ve worked in a university library, various doctors’ offices, a corporate real estate firm, and a tall ship galley or two. Currently, I am a clerk at William James Bookseller and an employee of the Rose Theatre. I have traveled in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia, visiting grocery stores in every place along the way where I adore finding ingredients I’ve never heard of and experimenting. I love Port Townsend, have put down roots here, and am looking forward to finding new ways to participate in this community.


Candace McKay, Board Member

First elected in 2019, this three-year term expires in 2022
I was born in Brooklyn and didn’t touch dirt of the growing kind until I became an archeologist, twenty years later. Ever since then I have lived along the urban/rural divide, in subsequent careers as journalist and theologian while hooked on the food chain. I farmed, I was founding member of the Northeast Organic Farmers Association of New York, directed a farm apprenticeship program, and served in most roles in the early days of the GreenStar Co-op in Ithaca, NY. I am honored to serve the Co-op as a new resident of Port Townsend.


Jennifer Dimon-Hardesty, Board Member

Appointed in Oct 2018, this six-month term expires in June 2019
Jen grew up in a small town called Cherokee in California where she was raised among chickens, cows, sheep, goats, a horse, and her favorite... a pig named Rosie. She was swept away by a passion for ballet and went to a ballet boarding school in Massachusetts for high school.  After moving to San Francisco for university and then Portland to receive her doctorate in physical therapy she sought out the smaller town feel again and magically found herself in Port Townsend.  She sees the preciousness of living in a region so full of valuable farm and ranch land and knows the important role the Co-op plays in providing local foods to the city of Port Townsend.  She hopes the Co-op can stay strong and continue to grow far into the future.


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