Healthy Transitions - 5 week series

Healthy Transitions - 5 week series


Healthy Transitions Winter Reset

A five week program to reset diet & lifestyle for lasting health & wellbeing.

Starting Wednesday January 16th, 5:30-7pm
At The Food Co-op Annex (Next to Crossroads Music)
2110 Lawrence St. Port Townsend

This year, ditch the diet promises that don’t last. Instead, learn to rely on a simple, sustainable, and enjoyable whole foods diet that supports heart, brain, metabolic and emotional health - for good!

Each week, you’ll learn fundamental nutrition & lifestyle practices to help build an integrated foundation for optimal health. Together, we’ll follow a comprehensive meal plan that will restore and rejuvenate your body, AND help prepare you for a permanent transition to a balanced, nutrient-dense, whole foods diet.

This is not a weight loss program. Using a Health At Every Size framework and a supportive group setting, we’ll focus on making lasting changes for health and wellbeing. 

You’ll benefit from this program if you:

•    Know that a whole-foods diet is great for your health, but don’t know how to get there.

•    Feel confused by all the different diets that claim to be “the healthiest.”

•    Have concerns about blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, or heart health.

•    Want to make lasting changes in your diet & lifestyle for balanced energy, better sleep, and increased vitality.

About the instructor

Hosted by registered clinical herbalist and wellness educator Linden de Voil, RH(AHG). Linden has a private practice at Bear Root Apothecary & Wellness Center in uptown Port Townsend, offering individual consultations and group classes on plant medicine, integrative wellness and whole-foods nutrition.

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