Lunch & Learn: Food & Herbs

Lunch & Learn: Food & Herbs

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Kitchen Medicine: Lunch & Learn

Custom Kitchen Medicine: Using the energetic of food and herbs

Wednesday March 13th, 12-1pm
At The Food Co-op Annex
2110 Lawrence St. Port Townsend

It’s easy to see the energetic cycles of the seasons and elements in the world around us: winter becomes summer, rain gives way to sun. Traditional medicine systems understand that the same elemental patterns are at work in our own bodies: heat and cold, damp and dry, movement and stillness. These patterns influence our daily habits and preferences, our mood, emotions, & energy levels, and even the health concerns we face.

To maintain physical and emotional health, we need to find balance between these unique inner elements—sometimes called our constitution, dosha, element, or terrain—and the surrounding environment. Using food, herbs, and lifestyle medicine, you can tailor your daily diet to support your individual elemental constitution, boost health & wellness, and even resolve chronic health challenges.

This might sound like magic, but there’s science in there too! In this short talk, we’ll keep it simple & practical!

-      Identify your own basic constitutional pattern

-      Learn the foods & habits that will support your type - and what to avoid

-      Find out which health-supporting herbs are a natural fit for you.

About the instructor

Hosted by registered clinical herbalist and wellness educator Linden de Voil, RH(AHG). Linden has a private practice at Bear Root Apothecary & Wellness Center in uptown Port Townsend, offering individual consultations and group classes on plant medicine, integrative wellness and whole-foods nutrition.

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