Lunch & Learn: Detox

Lunch & Learn: Detox

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Kitchen Medicine: Lunch & Learn

The Real Deal with Detox

Wednesday January 9th, 12-1pm
At The Food Co-op Annex
2110 Lawrence St. Port Townsend

Ever wondered if there’s anything behind all the hype about detoxification programs? Maybe you’ve considered trying detox, but don’t know where to start—or maybe you’ve tried every wellness and diet detox you can find, but you’re not sure if they’re really helping. Do we really need to cleanse or detox for health & wellness, or is a healthy diet enough?

The truth is - both!

We’re exposed to hundreds of chemical substances every day, through our diet and environment - everything from the food we eat, our body products, household cleaners, and the air we breathe. While our bodies are naturally able to process and remove most harmful substances, our modern lifestyle & environment can lead to a chronic overload on our normal internal detoxification processes, contributing to a range of health concerns.

While a healthy diet is the key to keeping our normal detoxification processes humming along, sometimes we do need

In this short talk, we’ll cover:

-      What’s the basic physiology behind detox? Is it all about your liver?

-      Why cleansing diets may not work — and when they can!

-      Simple solutions to keep your body primed for natural detoxification

-      Key foods and nutrients to support healthy detox, every day.

About the instructor

Hosted by registered clinical herbalist and wellness educator Linden de Voil, RH(AHG). Linden has a private practice at Bear Root Apothecary & Wellness Center in uptown Port Townsend, offering individual consultations and group classes on plant medicine, integrative wellness and whole-foods nutrition.

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