Healthy Meals on a Budget

Healthy Meals on a Budget

from 15.00

Healthy Meals on a Budget

with Sidonie Maroon

Saturday January 19th, 1-4pm
At The Food Co-op Annex
2110 Lawrence St. Port Townsend

Join us for a hands on workshop meant to teach you how to set a healthy meal plan and stick to a budget while eliminating your food waste. A win, win, win for either a one person household, or a family of five.

What to look forward to in this class.

  • Easy tools to help you eat healthy and still stick to a budget.

  • Store tour to help you know how to shop smart and save money in-store. Sales, special orders, ect.

  • How to get the most nutrition with the least amount of food waste.

  • Tips on cutting down on unnecessary packaging and eliminate throwaway practices.

Thrifty practices are the Mother of Invention inspiring creativity and yummy results that may exceed your expectations.

About the instructor

Sidonie Maroon is a local culinary educator and writer. She brings people together to create feasts from international menus, using local in season foods. Sidonie also facilitates the “Local Food” 20/20 group in Port Townsend and finds herself frequently in her garden when not in the kitchen. You can find out more about what she is up to in the community by visiting

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