Ayurvedic: Incompatible Food Combinations

Ayurvedic: Incompatible Food Combinations

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Sunday, September 29th, 2019


Market Kitchen
1433 W. Sims Way Port Townsend

Ayurvedic: Incompatible Food Combinations

Poor food combining can produce indigestion, fermentation, putrefaction and gas formation and, if prolonged, can lead to toxemia and disease. Learn to eat right! I will show you to make your favorite smoothie with right food combination and will explain you how to avoid incompatible food combinations in your daily life.


About the instructor

Bharti Nagal is a wellness follower who grew up in India and dabbles into Ayurveda and Yoga with a moto to improve and enhance the quality of life in and around. Her unflinching belief in nature inspired remedies has propelled her to co-found ‘Yoga Way of Life’, through which she advocate the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga.

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