Styrofoam - What To Do WIth It?

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How Your Co-op Recycles Polystyrene Styro-blocks

The Co-op uses the QUUF Community Recycling Center located off San Juan Avenue. The all volunteer program is open to the public and sustained by your generous donations for supplies and transportation. Look for the number 6 surrounded by a recycling symbol or the letters “PS” on products made of polystyrene..

Hi all,

I wanted to take a moment and share with you, where our Styrofoam blocks are taken to and how the drop-off site is organized.

It was time for me to take a load of Styrofoam blocks to the QUUF on San Juan Avenue, just across from the golf course, where Christopher has set-up the Polystyrene recycling center for our local community.

He collects it here, then drives it to a recycler every other month or so, I am not sure where he is taking it at the moment, it keeps changing.

For every other drop-off that I make I leave a $35 check to help cover for his gas expenses.

The pictures show how he has this drop-off site set-up, the signage and the mail box that he has mounted on the wall which has a locked drop slot where people who use this system can leave a check or cash for him.

It’s simple and it works. Behind that wooden fence there is a plywood roof to keep the collected Styro boxes and packing peanuts dry, those are the only things he takes.


Christopher has been offering this service for many years and we are part of supporting his efforts to recycle a commonly used packaging material that takes about 500 years to break down in nature and also releases toxic fumes if it gets heated up or burned.

Rene Tanner

Food Co-op Facilities Manager