Local Producer: Egg and I Farm


Introducing Doyle Yancey- Owner of Egg and I Farms, Chimacum Washington:

Washington state born and raised, I was introduced to raising my own food at a young age. I moved to the Olympic Peninsula in 2003 and bought my own property in 2007 on the Egg and I. I started out growing Fuchsias in 2008 and established Egg and I Fuchsia's on our property. I then decided to raise a couple of pigs for meat shortly after. I really enjoyed learning animal husbandry and all that it entails.

Egg and I Pork was started in 2013 with the purchase of several Tamworth pigs. The old time heritage breed, the quality feed, and the humane old fashioned way we raise them on our small family farm, make our pork delicious. No antibiotics or hormones are needed or given on our farm.

All of my animals are raised hands on. Our sows are allowed to free farrow without the use of birthing crates. Litter mates are raised together from beginning to end.  We use a deep bed straw and sawdust  system . Bio char is added to minimize the impact on the land,  and provide a comfortable, mud free living environment. 

I  source out local grains from Sequim, whey from Mt Townsend Creamery, and feed them hazelnuts grown in Oregon. I also sprout barley for fodder. I partner with other area farmers to learn about local options for feed, and other resources available locally. 

I care a great deal for my animals, and work hard to ensure they have the best life possible.  It is important to me to be a part of the farming community. I enjoy pork culture and learning new techniques on how to prepare for whole hog parties, porchetta, and barbecue styles world wide.

Our Pork products are available at several local stores and restaurants. Keep an eye out for the Egg & I Pork label! Our farm stand is open to the public, visitors are welcome to come meet the animals by appointment.