Beans for Bags: Community Boat Project

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Your Beans for Bags donations can go to this program designed to strengthen our community by engaging students in real world activities with mentors.

 The Community Boat Project is a gathering place where all people are empowered and find joy through doing meaningful work together.

The Community Boat Project is a Partnership between the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding, Puget Sound Voyaging Society, Quilcene School District #48, Port Townsend School District #50, Chimacum School District #49, and 4-H/WSU                                                                      

The Mission of the Community Boat Project is to build a stronger Community through Intergenerational education. We give real skills to our most vulnerable youth by connecting them to the Environment, the Economy, and especially the People of Puget Sound.

Our goal is to strengthen our community by engaging students in real world activities with mentors.

We connect the classroom to the real world. Our programs are where math, environmental stewardship, passion, craftsmanship, and adventure all meet at the water.

We believe in Empowerment through Environmental Stewardship, Social Justice, Community Supported education, and Experiential Learning.

Our Principles and Values are:

Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship: In all our actions, we consider the environmental implications and then make the best choice for positive impact or minimum footprint.

Social justice: We believe quality educational opportunities should be available to all. Therefore: all our programs are FREE. Our programs are open to all people regardless of age, race, economic status, or sexual orientation.

Community Supported Education: We believe that education should be “Community-driven”. The local Community drives what is important for them to learn. Our programs are funded by donations of materials and money from the local Community. We run on 100% volunteer expertise, energy, and passion.

Experiential learning: Learning is best done through hands-on, real, meaningful experiences.

Empowerment: There is a leader in every person. We help find that inner leader and let them have voice.

Phone: 360-379-9220:

Mailing Address: Community Boat Project, Box 206, Nordland, WA 98358

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