DISCOVER HOW TO BOOST YOUR MEMORY, HAVE VIBRANT ENERGY, OPTIMUM HEALTH AND HEAL THE PLANET!  We’ve partnered with many of the top Plant Based experts on the planet to share their knowledge about how a plant-based diet can give you unbounded health, protect the animals and heal the planet!

Feel free to join us. We’re certain this event will give you the information you’ve been waiting for to truly change your HEALTH and your opinion on the treatment of animals for food, as well as how this change will impact the earth in a positive way.

The reason this event is happening is because Tom and Janice are so passionate about the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. They experienced Tom getting rid of 6 medications, healing his body from Type 2 Diabetes, Migraine Headaches, Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, Water Retention, Nightmares, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and naturally dropping body weight.

Let's end listening to the myths about what we must eat to be healthy, and how powerful our decisions to live a plant-based lifestyle can be for the planet. If you're ready for a positive change, join us at this event.

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Here are a few of our experts:
Dr. Joel Fuhrman M.D. (Eat to Live)
Dr. Neal Barnard M.D. (The Cheese Trap)
Dr. Colin Campbell PhD (The China Study)
Dr. Dean Ornish M.D. (The Spectrum)
Dr. Angie Sadeghi M.D. (G.I. Physician & Vegan Body Builder)
Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (Reversing Heart Disease)
Dr. Will Tuttle Ph.D (The World Peace Diet)
Dr. John McDougall M.D. (The Starch Solution)
Dr. Michael Klaper M.D. (Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple)
Chef Katie Mae (Chef at True North)
Jon McMahon (Rising from the Depth of Diabetes)
Catlin Galer-Unti (Vegan Travel Guide)
Sandra Higgins (Go Vegan World)
Dr. Melanie Joy (Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows)

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We’ll see you at Catch the Vegan Wave!
Tom & Janice Zellers